Senior Industry Speakers From Across The Entire Supply Chain Including:

  • Refiners
  • Exploration & Production Companies
  • Class 1 Railroads
  • Shortline & Regional Railroads
  • Terminal Owners & Operators
  • Transloaders
  • Midstream Suppliers
  • Railcar Providers
  • Trading Companies

With The Following Job Titles:

  • President and CEO
  • CEO and Director
  • President and COO
  • Senior Vice President
  • Senior Vice President of Crude Oil
  • EVP and Partner
  • SVP of Supply, Trading and Optimization
  • VP Supply
  • VP of Energy Markets
  • VP Marketing - Chemicals
  • VP Global Commercial
  • VP Terminals
  • VP of Business Development
  • VP of Pricing & Supply
  • Director of Commercial Truck And Rail
  • Director of Transportation
  • Managing Director of Business Development
  • Director of West Coast/Mid-Continent Trading

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President & CEO - TORQ Transloading

"ABC's 2013 Crude Transportation Summit was a tremendous success. All the key industry participants were in...


5 Key Reasons Why This Is The Must-Attend Crude By Rail Forum...

  • REFINERY LED - Engage in the only pan-North American forum that hones in on end user perspectives, the refineries, gaining insights into demand preferences, market opportunities and optimization strategies
  • ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN PERSPECTIVES - Hear 20 + briefings from leading industry stakeholders, including refiners, E&Ps, railroads, transloaders, terminal operators, barge and railcar suppliers and traders to comprehensively assess opportunities from wellhead to refinery
  • REGIONAL FACTORS AND OPPORTUNITIES - Benefit from a geographically specific assessment of infrastructure maps, logistics costing, and refiner supply preferences to comprehensively evaluate locations for investment
  • INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT INSIGHTS - Gain insights into investment "tipping points" through examination of infrastructural development requirements, netbacks and supply optimization returns
  • INTERMODAL INTEGRATION - Examining the business case for deeper intermodal supply chain development, including rail to barge and enhanced marine connectivity, in overcoming issues in supply and downstream market accessibility
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